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Why Design Matters – P&G

I recently was invited to speak at P&G headquarters in Ohio on “Why Design Matters”. It was a leadership summit of their Global Business Services division which supports all the brands and employees worldwide. For me it was a great

Interesting Product: Dropbox

I’ve decided to try periodically sharing interesting products I come across here. First up, Dropbox… What is it: Dropbox is a service that syncs your files online and across your computers. It keeps copies of files synced across my Mac

Should we take off our black turtlenecks and give up “ownership” of interaction design in order to take it mainstream?

Shailesh Shilwant and I submitted a discussion topic to the Interaction 2010 conference yesterday on a something that’s near and dear to our hearts: Product Discovery as a transparent and facilitated process. I encourage you to comment on our proposal

How I organize my personal finances

Maia Garau recently visited eBay as part of our “principal in residence” program and discussed with us the growing field of service design (which she teaches at RISD). My favorite line she quoted was from the Economist which defined a

What’s on my iPhone

Preston Smalley discusses his most used iPhone apps: Facebook, NY Times, Mint, eBay and Google as well as the ones he wishes existed or were better: LinkedIn, Tom Tom, Skype, PowerPoint, and Fitbit.

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Thoughts on Product Planning and Innovation

I’ve discussed with a few people recently different models for product planning and strategy which reminded me of a paper I put together last fall in my design innovation class. I’ll post the PDF here now and hope to make

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THE book on form design

Congratulations to Luke Wroblewski on the release of his new book! Luke has become the foremost expert on form design in the design industry and has now put together all his thoughts in an easy to use book. He provides

Reflections on Interaction08

Wow! What a terrific conference! I’m fired up about Interaction Design following the inaugural IxDA conference in Savannah, GA. As I reflect on the conference, here are the highlights for me: Bill Buxton [video, book] – We must embrace our

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New Interactions Magazine

On my flight to the Interaction Design Association’s first conference in Savannah, GA I found it fitting to flip thru the revised Interactions Magazine. Richard Anderson and Jon Kolko, the new editors of the magazine, did a bang up job

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Email as an Input Method

I’ve noticed a number of services are popping up that use email as an input method in very creative ways. Here are a few examples: Tripit (Travel site aimed at organizing your itineraries) Users can forward any confirmation email (e.g.