About Preston Smalley

Preston Smalley is a product and technology leader. His work is in digital TV entertainment, two-sided marketplaces, and mobile apps used by millions of people every day. As VP of Product and Engineering at Comcast, Preston redefines the nature of television by shaping new age experiences for sports fans and music listeners, and integrating digital streaming content from sources like Netflix and YouTube on the cloud-based TV service, X1. Preston and his teams have built several apps, including the flagship XFINITY Stream App — a top-rated app used on average 19 times a week by over 5 million households.

Preston takes a user-focused, and KPI-driven approach to creating successful products with high customer-fit. His work process integrates experience in product management, design, and engineering; and benefits from a business acumen developed while earning an MBA. Preston guides the international scaling of products within established market sets, develops better processes and product strategies, and empowers his teams through internal restructuring and key hiring.

Preston is an active member of the Collaborative Gain Councils, a community of senior leaders committed to helping eachother build innovative and customer-focused companies. He introduces new ideas and technologies at various conferences, and is a regular thought contributor to independent and major publications, like Medium and Foundr Magazine.

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