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How to use a Bullet Graph to show your lean-startup metrics (AARRR) in a more accessible way than the typical funnel chart. 

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Visualizing the Health Care Debate

The power of effective design is often discussed in the context of “product design” but my friend Dan Roam (and  Dr. Tony Jones MD) showed this week how it can be used to potentially save lives. Okay maybe that’s a

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Back of the Napkin

I’ve mentioned Dan Roam’s visual thinking approach here before and you haven’t heard of him you should check him out. Congratulations to Dan on releasing his first book: The Back of the Napkin (available March 13th). He shared a pre-release

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Designers… Move to California!

A couple year’s back I commented about the booming job market for interaction designers in the Bay Area. As I try and build out my design team, I’m now acutely aware that the job market is not only as hot

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The next Edward Tufte?

Dan Roam visited eBay on Thursday to give a workshop on Visual Thinking. I thought I might learn how to produce better charts and diagrams but instead I got a whole new way to think about problems and visualizations. He

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Booming UI Design Market in Bay Area

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve noticed anecdotally noticed that companies are having a difficult time filling their UI and UER positions. So I decided to see if there was any quantifiable evidence which would confirm what I already

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Noguchi Filing System and Information Stacks

This morning I spotted a reference to the Noguchi Filing System on CNET which got me to thinking. First in case you haven’t heard of this system, it prescribes that rather than a file-folder system for organizing desk papers you

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