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The Making of X2

A heart-warming behind the scenes look at how we at Comcast are building the future of TV from the perspective of some of my colleagues. Want to join in? We’re hiring: sv.comcast.com

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A fun new way to pick a flick, together

Today I’m demoing at the NCTA Cable Show  in Washington DC  a slick new “app” we built to help groups of people pick a movie to watch at home, called Movie Night. Tony Werner, Comcast’s CTO, invites me and my

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2013: TV is dead! Long live TV!

Logos for TV Companies

It’s both and 2013 will be the year it happens. If you’re interested at all in TV you can’t miss rumors of the (real) Apple TV or the rising sales of the actual Apple TV as the most popular “accessory” for

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5 things you didn’t know Comcast offered

As I go to holiday parties this year and talk about what I do at work, I keep hearing from people that just aren’t aware of how much Comcast and its services have changed over the last year or two.

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1000 channels but what should you watch?

This week my team here at Comcast Silicon Valley put out a new iOS app aimed at solving the age-old problem of finding something on TV but in a fresh new way.  What’s On by Comcast Labs shows XFINITY TV customers,

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History of the Remote Control Fascinating evolution from just a few buttons 60 years ago to nearly a hundred as told by Slate. I sure hope we as an industry are quickly headed back down to a lot less plus

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Know any Great Product Managers?

I’m now leading a new team at the Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center to develop apps across Xfinity’s mobile and TV platforms. This is a chance to reach over 30 million households with the next generation ways of interacting and

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