Mary Meeker – 2012 Internet Trends

Kara Swisher of the WSJ posted the video footage (17 min) today of Mary Meeker’s (KPCB) D10 presentation on Internet Trends (5/30/12).

My top three takeaways:

1. 10% of time on Mobile but only 1% of advertising dollars (lots of upside)

  • BUT eCPMs are 5X lower on mobile vs. desktop.
  • HOWEVER Japan has shown mobile RPU can be monetized
  • Some app makers are making up the revenue up on volume

2. Two firehoses for growth: Facebook Open Graph and Apple App Store

  • Viddy got 17MM users in 7 days (similar w/Socialcam)
  • The combination of the two platforms magnify each other

3. Personally excited about the “white space” in the Car and TV

  • 52 minutes/day by 144MM Americans in cars (I do 2X that)
  • 3 hours/day in front of TVs with 50MM now Internet connected

She then went on to share her views on the US Economy which is mostly bearish with a few bright spots (like on-shoring the smartphone OS market).

My Top 5 Takeaways from Mary Meeker’s latest Internet Trends deck

She’s done it again. In one deck, Mary Meeker summarized so well many of the trends we’ve been seeing as and in doing so developed new insights around what’s around the bend. 

KPCB Internet Trends (2011)

Here’s my top 5 takeaways:

  • The iPad is going to be even bigger than iPhone—Its adoption is ramping MUCH faster than iPhone which already was a massively quickly adopted device (It was just 4 years ago I was carrying a Razr feature phone). (Slide 15)
  • USA is now a minority on the Internet — China added more Internet users in the last 3 years than exist in the United States (Slide 7) 
  • eCommerce is recovering much faster than Retail Sector as a whole (Slide 29)
  • Mobile Commerce in 2011 is 4X that of 2009 — eBay’s Marketplace and PayPal apps are doing exceedingly well (which makes me proud). (Slide 31)
  • USA developed mobile OS’s have gone from a 5% share in 2005 to 64% in 2011. This bodes well for jobs in Silicon Valley and shows we’ve still got it in this country. (Slide 45)