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LOVE the yoyo.com experience, a new toy site from the folks behind diapers.com. Fantastic UX, next day delivery, best in class customer support. (Taken with instagram)

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New shopping site, DoorOne

Shopping.com launched today a new comparison shopping site called DoorOne in the UK, France, Germany and Austrailia. It’s reported that this was due to the Shopping.X namespace being unavailable in all markets. However this release is more than just a

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Why eBay Express is important

Monday’s launch of eBay Express marks an important milestone not just for eBay but for the larger Search design community. As many of you know, I believe that the faceted metadata search system introduced in eBay Express is very much

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Yahoo’s Shoposphere

Yahoo! launched a new feature on its Shopping site Monday night similar to eBay’s Reviews & Guides and Amazon’s Listmania which allows their shopping community to share products with other shoppers. Called the Shoposphere it shoppers build lists on any

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Shoppers don’t convert on the first visit

This just in from SearchEngineGuide… Yahoo! and Compete, Inc. released a new study last week that aimed to track Internet search and transaction activity as it relates to the sales of retail apparel online. While the study was specific to

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