I’m hiring! Join our team!

I’m on the lookout for a strong mobile PM to join our team focused on redefining how people enjoy, discovery, and interact with TV. Here’s a short job description I put together as well as an example of one of the products you’d manage in the role.

What's On TeamHere at the Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center we’re also hiring designers and engineers. It’s a great team with some of best I’ve worked with so if you or someone you know might fit the bill ping me.

Job Opening: Interaction Design Manager

At eBay we’re expanding our design team and I’m now looking for an Interaction Design Manager to lead a team of talented designers. 

In the role you’ll design direct your team on their projects from inception to launch enabling them to best meet their user needs and business goals. As we evolve from a mostly static user interface on eBay to more rich and interactive experiences you should champion new front-end technologies (e.g. AJAX, Adobe Flex, MS Silverlight) and broaden the innovation possibilities for our user experiences.

You should identify and implement process improvements and design methodologies that would make the design group more efficient and effective. We expect you to mentor the designers on your team with the goal of enhancing their abilities and helping them achieve a fulfilling career path. Finally, we’re looking for someone who is active in the design community and who is looking to maintain or expand the current role they’re playing thru talks, conferences, and networking.

Contact me if you’d like more information.

Who are we protecting with our H-1B laws?

I’m a bit disturbed by the fact that in just one day, the quota for H-1B visas in the United States was filled for 2008. What brought this fact home was later that same week I had to pass on a job applicant (already located in California) that did not have current H-1B status—leaving me unable to hire a qualified candidate for my team.

While Congress continues to try and protect our native workforce with legistration that severly limits the issuing of H-1B visas, I’m afraid it is not having the desired effect. From my perspective on the design industry, there are not enough workers in the US (or at least California) to fill the open positions. Therefore this law is protecting no-one.

The reality is that I have to find a way to get the work done on my team, I have no choice but to try and expand the amount of work I outsource to vendors offshore. Therefore no only is the work is no longer being done in the US but Congress is also not collecting payroll taxes on that work (since it is paid via expense money to an offshore company).

The restrictive H-1B laws seem to be a lose-lose situation for the US.

Update 8/22/07: The NY Times today ran a great story on how the best solution to the “reverse brain drain” is to grant high-tech workers permanent visas (or green cards).

Designers… Move to California!

A couple year’s back I commented about the booming job market for interaction designers in the Bay Area. As I try and build out my design team, I’m now acutely aware that the job market is not only as hot as it was in late 2005, it’s actually hotter.

Expansion of Interaction Design Positions in the Bay Area (500)

As you can tell from the above chart, the demand for Interaction Designers has actually reached an all time high since I started tracking this in 2003 at 113 open positions in March 2007. The shear number of open positions means that the supply is unable to meet the demand—causing designers to move between companies but no real progress.

Therefore if you’re a great designer and have always wanted to move to California, let me know… or contact any of the many firms seeking people like you. As a design community, I’d love to meet this demand and show the world what can be accomplished.

Update 4/19: David on Signal vs. Noise spotted a similar rise in competition for talent. His take on it is based on the rise of Recruiting Spam, which I frankly am also growing annoyed with as well.

Growing Team

As eBay focuses more on our buyers I have the good fortune of now growing my UED team. If you’re a bright designer and you’re not sure where you career is going now or simply enjoy designing for millions of customers, eBay is the place for you.

By joining our design team you’re sure to learn from some of the best in the industry.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • 2 User Experience / UI Managers – One to head up the search team and another to head up the bidding, buying, and communications team. I’m seeking people with experience leading design teams.
  • 5 4 UI Designers – Various levels from Associate to Senior who can join the Finding team focused on multi-faceted finding, interactive browse metaphors, and My eBay.
  • 2 Visual Designers – Focused on our search products.
  • 1 Content Manager – Focused on our search products.
  • 1 Prototyper – Focused on our search products.
  • Finally there are lots of other positions open across the wider UED team including a Principal Designer role.

Feel free to apply for any of these positions on eBaycareers.com. Also if you are studying design at a leading university, I’m open to inquires for summer internships.

I’m (still) hiring

eBay’s growing its User Experience organization and so my team and others will continue to hire over the coming months. It’s an incredible opportunity to help make the unique eBay experience even more engaging and easy to use.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Sr. Information Architect / UI Designer
  • UI Designer – Browsing and Search Experience
  • UI Designer – Shopping Tools
  • UI Designer – Bidding and Buying Process
  • Manager, UI Design

Also within UED are following open roles:

  • Sr. Manager, UI Design
  • Principal UI Designer
  • Lead UI Designer
  • Sr. UI Designer | #2
  • Principal Creative Designer
  • Sr. Creative Designer
  • Lead Quantitative User Researcher
  • Sr. Content Manager
  • Sr. Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer

Update 4/25/07: See current positions open  or check eBaycareers.com

I’m hiring (again)

I’m looking for a Senior UI Designer / Information Architect to join my design team. In this role you will join the team which focuses on enabling eBay buyers to find just the items they want out of the over 78 million unique items available every day. To give you a sense of scale, eBay serves over 400 million searches per day.

You will design how eBay captures and structures seller metadata in a way that fits the mental model of our buyers. This includes eBay defined facets as well as seller created tags and values. A successful system will be well adopted by sellers and provide an engaging and relevant refinement mechnism for shoppers.

Job Requirements (on eBaycareers.com)

If you or someone you know fits the bill let me know.

Update 4/25/07: See current positions open 

I’m hiring

I’m looking for 2 talented UI designers to join my product design team. We focus on the following:

  • eBay’s search engine and results page (how to guide our 168 million shoppers to 20 million items that change each week)
  • eBay’s community-based content platform (e.g. Review & Guides)
  • eBay’s Homepage and other Landing Pages

Update 3/28/06: I’ve filled these two positions but contact me if you’re still interested in design at eBay as we can always make room for the right person. 🙂

Update 4/25/07: See current positions open 

Booming UI Design Market in Bay Area

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve noticed anecdotally noticed that companies are having a difficult time filling their UI and UER positions. So I decided to see if there was any quantifiable evidence which would confirm what I already suspect (if the barrage of recruiting VMs I get is any clue).

I realized that the weekly BayCHI Job Bank email that I’ve received the past few years would be a great place to start. In graphing the jobs located in the Bay Area, you’ll notice an interesting trend (see graph below).

Bay Area Job Expansion (2005)

You’ll see that there is a sustained demand for UI Designers and User Experience Researchers that over the past year has gone unmet, creating scarcity.

Assuming this market is efficient we should see two things happen: increased wages offered by firms seeking to attract talent and over the long term an increase in supply (new employees enter the regional market).

Once again, I believe the firms over the next few years that can attract and retain top talent will be successful in achieving their business goals.

Update 4/25/07: I’m hiring, check my current open positions 

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