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Should we take off our black turtlenecks and give up “ownership” of interaction design in order to take it mainstream?

Shailesh Shilwant and I submitted a discussion topic to the Interaction 2010 conference yesterday on a something that’s near and dear to our hearts: Product Discovery as a transparent and facilitated process. I encourage you to comment on our proposal

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Reflections on Interaction08

Wow! What a terrific conference! I’m fired up about Interaction Design following the inaugural IxDA conference in Savannah, GA. As I reflect on the conference, here are the highlights for me: Bill Buxton [video, book] – We must embrace our

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Event: CHI2007 Next Week

CHI is returning to San Jose for their 25th anniversary and I’ll be attending for the fourth time. While the conference at times is more academic than I would like there are always some good sessions. Here’s what I’m most

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Welcome Sarah!

One of my favorite designers, Sarah Culberson, made her blogosphere debut today where she reflects on her experience at SxSW. Here are some excerpts I found interesting:  “It is better to be flamboyant failure than mediocre success.” Jeffrey Zeldman on

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