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Information Arbitrage: Creating competitive advantage through data

Information Arbitrage: Creating competitive advantage through data Found this great piece from Roger Ehrenberg (VC at IA Ventures) on how sustainable value can be derived by creating defensible assets around data. He cites dozens of examples you can learn from and

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Applying to Business School

This time of year I often get asked by people for advice on whether they should apply to business school for an MBA. Over the years and many coffees with folks, I’ve settled on the following key questions… Why do

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Product Design and The Recession

One topic that continues to come up in discussions I’m having with colleagues, friends and family is the economy—what’s the macro-level impact of the recession we’re facing and how it may affect our industry. I’m somewhere in the middle on

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Thoughts on Product Planning and Innovation

I’ve discussed with a few people recently different models for product planning and strategy which reminded me of a paper I put together last fall in my design innovation class. I’ll post the PDF here now and hope to make

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Back of the Napkin

I’ve mentioned Dan Roam’s visual thinking approach here before and you haven’t heard of him you should check him out. Congratulations to Dan on releasing his first book: The Back of the Napkin (available March 13th). He shared a pre-release

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Haas moves up to #2 in WSJ Poll

I’m very happy to announce that UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business moved up to #2 in the 2007 Wall Street Journal annual survey (up from #5 in 2006) of corporate recruiters. This is a testament to the high MBA

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Making Meaning

After working with Darrel Rhea of Cheskin for the past few months, we invited him to speak to our design team this week on his recent book Making Meaning (co-wrote with Nathan Shedroff and Steve Diller). At the core he

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UX role within Corporations

One of the sessions I attended last week at CHI2007 I found useful was moderated by Richard Anderson on the increasing the role of User Expeirence teams within business. He was joined by the following on a panel: Jeremy Ashley

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Berkeley MBA moves up to #8 in BusinessWeek

On the heals of the Berkeley MBA’s rise in the WSJ ranking (to #5), the Haas School’s ranking moved up to #8, from #17 last year, in the annual BusinessWeek ranking. The combination of a small class, exceptional faculty, and

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The next Edward Tufte?

Dan Roam visited eBay on Thursday to give a workshop on Visual Thinking. I thought I might learn how to produce better charts and diagrams but instead I got a whole new way to think about problems and visualizations. He

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