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Growing Team

As eBay focuses more on our buyers I have the good fortune of now growing my UED team. If you’re a bright designer and you’re not sure where you career is going now or simply enjoy designing for millions of

The significance of moves

In April 2004 my wife and I bought our first home after renting an apartment for the first couple years of our marriage. It marked an important step in our lives and I believe firmly established the concept of “home”

Relevance Sorting

Since eBay’s began the dominant means for buyers to browse the search results page was to use the Ending Soonest or Newly Listed time based sorts. Now with the launch this week of Best Match our buyers have a new

I’m (still) hiring

eBay’s growing its User Experience organization and so my team and others will continue to hire over the coming months. It’s an incredible opportunity to help make the unique eBay experience even more engaging and easy to use. Here’s what

eBay’s new browser policy

Matt Carey, eBay’s CTO, announced today a new browser policy for which focuses support on the most modern of web browsers (accounting for 95% adoption). This means that eBay will focus on: Microsoft IE 6.0 and higher Mozilla Firefox

New shopping site, DoorOne launched today a new comparison shopping site called DoorOne in the UK, France, Germany and Austrailia. It’s reported that this was due to the Shopping.X namespace being unavailable in all markets. However this release is more than just a

I’m hiring (again)

I’m looking for a Senior UI Designer / Information Architect to join my design team. In this role you will join the team which focuses on enabling eBay buyers to find just the items they want out of the over

Why eBay Express is important

Monday’s launch of eBay Express marks an important milestone not just for eBay but for the larger Search design community. As many of you know, I believe that the faceted metadata search system introduced in eBay Express is very much

eBay Watcher on Google Sidebar

Check out the new eBay plugin for Google Desktop’s sidebar which allows you to see items you’re watching. It’s a great example of two platforms working together. My colleague Alan Lewis (who collaborated w/Google on the project) has more.

What does cable TV and the internet have in common?

Esther Dyson was at eBay a couple weeks ago for a speaker series we have and she made a comment during her talk that really struck me. In discussing her upcoming PC Forum conference “Erosion of Power: Users in charge”