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The making of an Olympian

What we can all learn from Olympians about life and career while Preston shared upcoming X1 experience for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

A new lens on Myers-Briggs

As part of my leadership course at UC Berkeley I recently took a hybrid self-assessment, facilitated by CPP, which combines the power of Myers-Briggs’ MBTI with a less well known assessment called FIRO-B. First introduced by William Schutz in 1958,

Vital Friends

I have to admit I’m a junkie for the Gallup Press line of business books and Tom Rath’s latest Vital Friends is no exception. Rath asserts that we all are motivated and deeply affected by the friends that we keep.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

In reading What Makes a Leader? (Goleman) I learned that while technical skills and IQ are important for senior managers to succeed it is emotional intelligence that is actually the most critical. As a long-time believer in soft skills I

How to Play to Your Strengths

In the article How to Play to Your Strengths I learned about a career planning technique that focuses on 100% positive feedback—that’s right no “constructive feedback”. The article outlines that it’s human nature to focus on the negatives (when asked

Managing Oneself

Peter Drucker is a firm believer in “feedback analysis”, the process of comparing your past expectations with the actual results. In his article Managing Oneself I learned that this approach was actually popularized by John Calvin and Ignatius Loyola in